Top Apps for Learning Biology

One of the best things ever happened to phones, that truly make them ‘smart’ is the existence of mobile applications. These mobile apps not only enhance the functionality of your phone but also serve as a tutor for students. One can also take help from these apps to learn complex subjects, such as biology. Today, there exists several apps that deal with basic and professional biology and medical science topics.

So, for all students, as well the teachers, here we quickly review some of the best apps for learning biology, especially for iPhone and iPad users. You can use these apps even if your device has the iOS VPN always on.

1. HudsonAlpha iCell

As the name of the app implies, iCell is all about living cells. In other words, this app predominantly revolves around cell biology. iCell gives detailed insights to the functioning of eukaryotic as well as prokaryotic cells. Thus, anyone stuck at any point related to plant, animal, or even bacterial cell can use this app to learn more. With interactive 3D views, the app depicts the cells very clearly, making it a must-have for the basic biology, as well as the professionals, such as biochemists, microbiologists, and even DNA enthusiasts.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a name popular among the students for years. Owing to simple and easily understandable content, this online academy covering various subjects has served as a great educational help for students. Fortunately, the owners now offer a dedicated mobile app for Khan Academy as well – hence providing a 24/7 and handy resource for the students to continue learning on the go.

3. Frog Dissection

Frog dissection has been an integral part of basic biology studies since decades. Nonetheless, despite being a norm for the biology curriculum, students continue to face troubles in frog dissections. However, we now have an alternative to the practical dissections that is as comprehensive and useful for students as the practical dissections. ‘Frog Dissection’ is a wonderful app that offers clear-cut illustrations of various frog dissections as a virtual specimen. Using this app not only saves up the mess but also reduces the brutal butchery of poor frogs for the students.

4. 3D Brain

The brain is one of those organs that continues o hold a lot of mysteries despite being under research since long. One of the reasons behind the complexity of brain studies is the difficulty to view this organ. However, thanks to the ‘3D Brain’ app which is focused on presenting a three-dimensional view of the brain with precision. The app not only deals with illustrations but also with brain anatomy, functions and the information related to the diseases and disorders.

5. BioBlox

BioBlox is an inclusive service that addresses tough biology problems in an interesting game-like manner. Taking inspiration from the protein docking model, BioBlox makes it easier for the students to learn how various small chemical molecules and vitamins combine together to form complex larger bodies, such as medicines and proteins.