Major topics

Climate change Session

  • Impacts of climate change and variability on marine biodiversity and regional ecosystem resilience
  • Changes in phenology in the ocean and the potential consequences across multiple trophic levels
  • Past and forecast future changes in global or regional trophic interactions due to climate impacts on species biology
  • Identification of mechanisms and prediction of the effect of climate change on the productivity and distribution of important marine species that sustain global or regional fisheries
  • Impacts of climate change on coastal communities due to alteration in ecosystem services or direct physical stressors
  • Linkage of climate change to marine management objectives


Marine invasions Session

  • New distributional data/modelling
  • Impacts of invasive species
  • Population dynamics of invasive species – population genetics – country/region reviews
  • Indicators: trends, ratio of NIS/native, new indicators


Indicators Session

  • Indicators covering a variety of biological elements from biodiversity to food webs, fisheries, sea-floor integrity and biomarkers
  • Linkage of indicators to stressors
  • Integration across indicators and over spatial scales
  • Cumulative, synergistic and antagonistic effects of pressures on marine biodiversity and ecosystem health
  • Tools to investigate the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning


Transitional waters Session

  • Biodiversity patterns across gradients
  • Effects of human impacts to ecosystem resilience
  • Assess ecological quality in transitional waters
  • Key ecosystem processes supporting biological resources
  • Management and conservation


Open Session


Presentations on Fisheries/Aquaculture and Integrated Coastal Zone Management are also encouraged.

Working language of the Symposium: English